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The Olivares is found in San Juan de Mayermo, part of the traditional Mallermo farm, which has been in the hands of the same family for 100 years. aceite oliva virgen chile

In its beginnings the hacienda was mainly oriented to sheep breeding . It used to host up to 10,000 French merino and later German merino sheep. Recognized for its fine wool, the Hacienda received many awards during the years for the best merino wool in the country, at Quinta Normal animals exhibition. aceite oliva virgen chile


A special and recognizable flavor ...

A scent that evokes and inspires ...

aceite de oliva virgen hecho en chile


With the intention to diversify its production, 27 hectares of olive trees were planted twenty years ago. Every winter and spring, you can still see sheep grazing among the trees of San Juan de Mallermo.

The main varieties of olives are arbequina and leccino. There are also picual, manzanilla and sevillana. The harvest is done in a semi-mechanized fashion and in some areas it is still harvested by hand, like the old days.

The terroir and the climate are privileged ... Moderate temperatures due to the proximity of the sea ... Granitic soils with abundant quartz mineral ... Pure water from springs ...


The Olivares de Mayermo Extra Virgin blend is made up of five varieties: Arbequina, Leccino, Manzanilla, Picual and Sevillana. Combined they produce a delicate bitter, spicy and green olive oil.

Our olive oil presents clear aromas of arugula, with light artichoke essences. In the palate it lasts with a soft taste of fresh almonds and green olives.

Olivares de Mayermo has its own olive mill, where olives are washed, picked and processed. The pressing is done at cold temperatures, less than 27 degrees Celsius. The olives maintain their nutrients and organoleptic properties.

We work under strict quality standards. The olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks and is packaged in the same mill bottles of 250ml, 500ml, 2 and 5 liter drums.

The Olivares de Mayermo is located in O'Higgins coastal drylands, La Estrella county.


The Extra Virgin Olivares de Mayermo olive oil is extracted from the first pressing, cold made, has 0.2% acidity and is pure olive juice, without additives or preservatives!

aceite oliva virgen chile
250 ml
Premium Extra Virgin.
0.2 percent acidity.
500 ml
Premium Extra Virgin.
0.2 percent acidity.
2 LT
Premium Extra Virgin.
0.2 percent acidity.
5 LT
Premium Extra Virgin.
0.2 percent acidity.

500 ml
Premium Extra Virgin.
Monovarietal Sevillana
Silver Medal NYIOOC
0.2 percent acidity.

Olivares de Mayermo olive oil wins important international prize

Extra Virgin Olive Oil made in Chile gets a silver medal in a contest in New York with a Sevillana 500 ml bottle

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L’Orciolo D’Oro 2019


Olivares de Mayermo Premium Extra Virgen Blend

Our oil obtains important international recognition in one of the most important and oldest competitions in the world, the great L’Orciolo D’Oro in the category Light Fruity Category

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Olivares de Mayerno

Premium Blend

Quality Report 2019

Our oil has the highest quality standards, do you want to see?

The benefits of extra virgin olive oil

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a number of health benefits. It helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. It is a source of Omega 9. It contains Omega 3, 6 and vitamins E and K.

Our oil is in a report from the magazine Peperina del Valle de Colchagua. If you want to know more about «El Oro Líquido de Mayermo» click on the image.


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